Dec. 21/37

Dear Diary,

I returned from Rio last night and I’m still exhausted from the taxing two hour flight. And my Sleep Cycle monitor was of absolutely no help – the Sunrise Stimulator woke me up at 6:23 in the morning! The company has to update it soon! Yes, I know, mass manufacturing a device that measures brain waves was a breakthrough, but the government really should have done more tests before making its use mandatory. It always waits exactly six sleep cycles before sending a signal to my Sunrise Stimulator to wake me up in between cycles! This occasionally leaves me refreshed and alert, but with my work schedule and insane stress level, I should be getting much more sleep. I’ve got to file another complaint.

It’s finally the weekend, so I thought I’d have some time to myself, but I have a compulsory meeting with my dietitian at noon. And it’s going to be a long one. This morning, as usual, I slid my hand into the NutriProbe, allowing it to prick my finger and draw blood to analyze my nutrient levels. After a few seconds, the screen displayed three breakfast options – milk and cereal; granola and yogurt; and a croissant with cheese. For the fifth time this month, I pressed the override button and chose French toast. Forgive me for wanting to eat sometime with a little more sugar. But today, instead of dispensing the necessary ingredients in the appropriate serving size, the Probe just printed out a disciplinary notice! “By ignoring the suggestions of the NutriProbe, you are violating the terms of your Health Canada Plan. You will meet with your dietitian today at 12:00 p.m.” I’m so sick of this new plan – the invasive monitoring they’ve put in place makes me quite uncomfortable. I know I agreed to it when I signed up for full coverage – optometrist and dentist included – but I didn’t know how extensive it would be! A wristband that tracks my vitals, this NutriProbe, the sleep monitor… what’s next, video surveillance in my house?

I’m glad the appointment is in the middle of the day – I’ll still manage to make it to the concert tonight, thank god. I remember being a teenager and begging my parents to drive me to shows across Ontario. Now I don’t even have to step out of my house. I’m getting too old for mosh pits or and I don’t have the time to wait outside the venue all day, so a VR experience is perfect. We’ve just bought the newest LivePod – it integrates heat, haptic feedback, and odor with the usual visuals and audio. Liv got hers a month ago and she says I’ll even be able to feel the hot stage lights on my skin!

Ah, that reminds me, I still need to order her Christmas gift! She’s been hinting at what she wants – this gorgeous alpaca wool sweater – but I’ll have to guess her size. She still hasn’t uploaded her full body shots and measurements onto the MyFit database so I can’t use the program to find the right fit! Online shopping is so much easier with 3D modelling. I haven’t had to return anything since the software was released.

I have to leave in a few minutes if I want to make it to the meeting on time. I don’t want another disciplinary notice. Until next time,

– Irina


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