Who am I? That’s a tough question.

My name is Irina Petrovic, and I’m a grade 12 student at William Lyon Mackenzie.

I take photos.

I’m sentimental and I can’t bear to let any nice moment go by undocumented. At any given moment, I have hundreds of pictures of my friends, flowers, and especially my cats on my camera. Probably even more on my camera.

I write.

There are some things I just can’t hold in, so I let them out in my writing. Of course, like every other high school student, I write essays and articles. But mostly, I write stories – stories about my experiences and stories about things I could only ever dream of experiencing.

I play music.

In my room lie hundreds of random sheets of music – everything from the standard classical pieces to contemporary rock. There’s nothing more calming then sitting at my piano and playing my favourite songs to my heart’s content.